Kou and Janey Lee
Kou’s passion for food starts at an early age of six when his mother started teaching him how to make rice, soups, stir fry, dissecting the different cuts of meat and preparing large meals for the family and during family events. Over the years, Kou has become very passionate about food that he along with his beautiful wife (Janey) decided to share these wonderful skill sets with friends and families thru family events at their home until now at their own place of business Koreana Restaurant. Kou have over 10 years of management experience in the grocery retail industry and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Michigan State University majoring in Food Industry Management. One of his strengths is connecting with people of all race, gender, creed and national origin. He is cultured, organized, good at planning, possess the vision, leadership and audacity to be creative and to continue reaching for new goals as current ones are accomplished.

Janey, on the other hand was a graduate of Oakland University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Development and she worked as an HR Specialists for a number of years before she made the commitment to their little family and became a home engineer with their wonderful young children; Ishi(10), Maximus(8), Phoenix(5) and Summer Lee(3). She is warm, happy and possesses an uplifting personality that brings out the goodness in everyone. She’s nurturing and motherly to all. Her ability to focus on details is unmatched. She would go above and beyond to get things accomplished the right way.


They both loves leisure time, the outdoors, learning new ideas and concepts, travel and experiencing new cultures especially different types of ethnic foods. Even though, at the present all of their time is focus solely on bringing the best Korean and Japanese foods to Koreana Restaurant and providing you and your family a wonderful meal in a serene environment – Koreana Restaurant. When you are at Koreana Restaurant, you will find one or both of them on the sales floor talking and discussing an array of topics with customers and associates alike.
Thank you for taking the time reading the owner’s Bio – We hope to see you at Koreana Restaurant soon.



Koreana Management