Master Sushi Chef Tou Vang began his apprenticeship when he was barely 18 years old in 2000.
However, like many relatable stories, Chef Vang did not suddenly wake up one day and decide to walk on a certain career path. He did however know that he had a passion for palate-pleasing food.

From sunny Santa Ana, minutes away from the sandy shores of the Pacific Ocean to the bustling city of Fresno, it was his love of food that began to cultivate his career. Growing up on homemade Asian cuisine cooked by his mother, the countless dishes she used to prepare for him daily contributed to his appreciation for food.

Master Sushi Chef Vang had his first brush of sushi making as a sushi prep – preparing ingredients for sushi itself. Vang quickly earned the title of sushi apprentice and just as fast, successfully secured the role of sushi chef. His learning didn’t cease there. However, Chef Vang continued to keep his mind open and aware, learning and adapting to new tastes and concepts.

In 2012, Chef Vang received a career opportunity in Miami where he was appointed head sushi chef. It was there that he met and worked closely with the elderly, father-figure, Master Sushi Chef Shogo-San, who had spent his apprenticeship years under the venerable Emperor of Japan’s personal head sushi chef.  Although Master Sushi Chef Vang had already possessed over a decade worth of sushi expertise, it was during this pivotal time that Master Chef Vang refined and developed a deeper understanding of his lifetime knowledge and fundamentals of sushi. Having traveled to France during one of his consultation visit, Master Chef Vang gained inspiration to the contemporary taste of what Koreana customers have grown to know and love- the New Style Sashimi and Sushi.

Chef Vang’s experience not only includes sushi but he was also a restaurant consultant providing guidance on menu development and planning and on restaurant management and staff training.

It is highly likely that whenever you see Master Chef Vang, he is behind the sushi bar with his head down, coupled with an intense look of concentration when building and preparing sushi. His handiwork makes sushi appear effortless as his fingers swiftly dance across the rolls.

With methodical skills, he can cut open fresh fish and slice them into sashimi with sheer precision and watch it transform into a plated piece of art.

Like a skilled samurai preparing his sword for battle, Sushi Chef Vang is just as lethal with his arsenal of sharpened sushi knives, ready to take on any challenges that lies ahead.

He is not your typical sushi chef. You can find him smiling, actively engaging and sharing his knowledge with customers about various types of fish or conversing on an array of topics.